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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc Three

Page 1 Balamb Garden Page 21 Lunatic Pandora
Page 2 Edea’s Orphanage
Page 22 Lunatic Pandora Invasion
Page 3 Balamb Garden
Page 23 Lunatic Pandora
Page 4 Laguna Dream Sequence - 4 Page 24 Lunar Base
Page 5 Edea’s Orphanage Page 25 Escape Pod
Page 6 White SeeD Ship Page 26 Ragnarok Airship – Alien Hunt
Page 7 Balamb Garden Page 27 Sorceress Memorial
Page 8 Centra Ruins {optional} Page 28 Ragnarok Airship
Page 9 Chocobo Forests {optional} Page 29 Cactuar Desert {optional}
Page 10 CC Group {optional} Page 30 Research Center {optional}
Page 11 Fishermans Horizon Page 31 Research Center {optional}
Page 12 Esthar Region Page 32 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
Page 13 Esthar City Page 33 UFO Sightings {optional}
Page 14 Laguna Dream Sequence - 5 Page 34 Islands Closest {optional}
Page 15 Doctor Odine’s Laboratory Page 35 Obel Lake {optional}
Page 16 Esthar City Page 36 Edea’s Orphanage
Page 17 Esthar Region Page 37 Esthar City – Meeting the President
Page18 Tears Point Page 38 Ragnarok
Page 19 Luna Gate Page 39 Tears’ Point / Lunatic Pandora
Page 20 Lunatic Pandora Invasion  
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Timber Region: Obel Lake {optional}

If you examine the lake north of Timber, Squall will be presented with 2 options: Throw a rock or hum. Hum to have a shadow in the lake talk to you. It’ll ask of Squall to locate a monkey. Head over to the forest west of Dollet and run around a bit until a message says the animal was sighted. You may need to keep pressing [X] for that to happen. Report back to the shadow in Obel Lake, who hints at the existence of 4 special rocks in the world. To get clues for the 4 rock locations, throw a rock in the lake until it bounces six times (this occurs randomly). Afterwards, hum for the shadow. The 4 locations are:

- Along the shores of Balamb, find a rock with an inscription on it.
- The tiny island to the east of Timber, north of the Horizon Bridge.
- The cliffs south of Galbadia Garden (or what used to be the Garden). Land the Ragnarok on the cliff above the waterfall. Examine the ground above the waterfall.
- The forest west of Dollet.

Examine these locations with [X] to find the rocks. Each has it own unique inscription. When rearranged, you’ll get a message about a hidden treasure in the plains north of Esthar. Pilot your Ragnarok over there and comb the Mordred Plains (you can’t trigger this event unless you locate all 4 rocks first). There’ll be tons of talking stones here; try to locate a red one and go in the opposite direction it tells you to. Keep searching until you find a red stone that tells you, "The treasure is not here." Examine the same area again to obtain a Three Stars item, which grants a GF the Expendx3-1 ability (use 3 spells in a row for the cost of only 1). If you need a hint, it’s located southeast of the plains, not too far away from the center.

Apart from this event, the shadow will drop several other hints... one will be regarding another hidden treasure. Head for Eldbeak Peninsula, which is on Trabia, north of Balamb. Examine the tip of the peninsula to get an inscription: "TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE." Fly the Ragnarok over to Minde Isle, which is a small island southwest of Esthar City. Search the southern regions of the island for a Luck-J Scroll.