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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Disc Four

Disc Two

Page 1 Laguna Dream Sequence – 3 Page 12 Centra Ruins Region {optional
Page 2 D-District – Prison
Page 13 Kashkabald Desert {optional}
Page 3 Galbadian Desert
Page 14 Trabia Garden
Page 4 Missile Base Page 15 Trabia Region {optional}
Page 5 Balamb Garden Page 16 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
Page 6 Fisherman’s Horizon Page 17 Fishermans Horizon {optional}
Page 7 Balamb Garden- Garden Festival Page18 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
Page 8 Timber Revisited {optional} Page 19 Centra Region
Page 9 Winhill Revisited {optional} Page 20 Balamb Garden - Invasion
Page 10 Balamb City Under Siege Page 21 Galbadia Garden - Invasion
Page 11 Shumi Tribe Village {optional}
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Draw Points   Magazines

Balamb Garden- Garden Festival / Fisherman’s Horizon

Locate Selphie in the Quad then meet up with Cid, who appoints Squall the commander. Squall’s friends decide to hold a concert for him to celebrate the event. You have 3 tunes and 8 instruments to choose from:

Tune A: Guitar, Violin, Flute, Tap Dance
Tune B: Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Saxophone, Piano
Tune C: Any mix of the 8 instruments, other than the 2 above

Using Irvine, pick Tune A as your performance piece. Afterwards, Rinoa invites Squall to the concert, which takes place at the Mayor’s House. During the concert, use [Square] to change the view of the stage or just proceed right to move the plot along. Examine the magazine on the ledge to initiate a conversation between Rinoa and Squall. Whichever tune you chose determines the outcome of their conversation:

Tune A (folk song): A smooth ride, no misunderstandings.
Tune B (ballad): A bit uneasy, but still okay.
Tune C (jumble): Both Squall and Rinoa feel uncomfortable.

After the performance, the group returns to Balamb Garden. Squall has another dream that night. The next morning, go to the 3rd floor Bridge and talk to Nida to learn how to navigate the ship. Before going to Balamb City, you might want to check out a few previously unreachable areas.