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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Rare Magazines Page 8 Odin GF
Page 2 Shumi Village Page 9 Catuar GF
Page 3 Obel Lake Page 10 Tonberry GF
Page 4 Island Heaven & Hell Page 11 Doomtrain GF
Page 5 Bahamut GF Page 12 Chocobo
Page 6 Ultima & Eden GF Page 13 Timber Maniacs
Page 7 Winhill: Vase Pieces Page 14 Unknown UFO

Winhill: Vase Pieces

There are 4 vase pieces in Winhill, and it is up to you to find them. Talk to the guy standing on the stairs in the mansion to start the quest.
1.) The first vase piece is in the flowers inside the house with all the flowers in it and the old lady.
2.) The second vase piece can be obtained by hitting the tiny chocobo until you get it in the chocobo crossing.
3.) The third can be obtained by talking to the woman in the house that used to be Raine's, twice. Then, go down to the first floor to see a ghost of Raine!!!! Talk to the cat and it'll leave the vase piece.
4.) The final vase piece is harder to get. You cannot have re-named any characters (meaning, if you named Squall "Paul", forget getting the piece). Talk to the medieval armor standing in the mansion and it will give you to last piece. Take them to the man who gave you the quest.