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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Rare Magazines Page 8 Odin GF
Page 2 Shumi Village Page 9 Catuar GF
Page 3 Obel Lake Page 10 Tonberry GF
Page 4 Island Heaven & Hell Page 11 Doomtrain GF
Page 5 Bahamut GF Page 12 Chocobo
Page 6 Ultima & Eden GF Page 13 Timber Maniacs
Page 7 Winhill: Vase Pieces Page 14 Unknown UFO

Timber Maniacs Magazines

These magazines can be found everywhere during the course of the game. You may wonder what they are for. Whenever you finish "reading one", the contents automatically goes on Selphie's website at Balamb Garden. Each magazine contains an article written by our idiot buddy, Laguna. They are pretty amusing, so I recommend you go access the website in the Balamb classroom and read them for a chuckle. The magazines are almost always hidden in a hotel room, so try searching all the hotels in the cities. There is also one in the Timber Maniacs headquarters in Timber.

Area Location
Balamb Station Near the train signal
Balamb Hotel Inside the guest room
Timber Maniacs On the floor in the office
Timber Hotel On a table in the guest room
F. Horizon Hotel Inside the guest room
F. Horizon In the Grease Monkey's house
Trabia Garden In the graveyard
Dollet Pub On a table in the Pub
Dollet Hotel Inside the guest room
Shumi Village Artisan's house
White SeeD Ship On the floor in the bridge
Edea's House On the ground inside the house