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Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8


Page 1 Rare Magazines Page 8 Odin GF
Page 2 Shumi Village Page 9 Catuar GF
Page 3 Obel Lake Page 10 Tonberry GF
Page 4 Island Heaven & Hell Page 11 Doomtrain GF
Page 5 Bahamut GF Page 12 Chocobo
Page 6 Ultima & Eden GF Page 13 Timber Maniacs
Page 7 Winhill: Vase Pieces Page 14 Unknown UFO


You got the Solomon's Ring from Tear's Point, right? If you didn’t, get it. It is the place where the Lunatic Pandora should be hovering over, on the Esthar continent. You need to combine this (don't worry it will happen automatically once you are able to) with six Remedy+. These are obtained by refining them from sixty remedies using Alexander's Med Lev Up Menu. You will also need six steel pipes, from the Wendigos in Roshfall Forest or southeast of Deling City. You will also need six Malboro tentacles (you will also need these for Quistis' ultimate whip so get eight). These are won or stolen from the evil Malboros on the Island Closest to Heaven. (Beware their Bad Breath attack!!!) To defeat these, make sure your status defense is high against most of them (try Ultima as a junction). Be sure not to get Berserked or Confused. Give a character Initiative and mug. And once you get the tentacles, it is easiest to run!