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Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7


Page 1 Disc One
Page 2 Disc Two
Page 3 Disc Three
Page 4 Sidequests

Disc One

Page 1 Mako Power Plant Page 15 Junon
Page 2 Midgar City Page 16 Cargo Ship
Page 3 AVALANCHE Hideout Page 17 Costa de Sol
Page 4 Return to the Mako Plant Page 18 North Corel/Gold Saucer
Page 5 Midgar Sector 5 Slums Page 19 Corel Prison/Chocobo Races
Page 6 Wall Market Page 20 Gongaga Town/Cosmo Canyon
Page 7 Midgar Sewers Page 21 Nibelhiem
Page 8 Train Graveyard/Plate Support Page 22 Mt. Nibel
Page 9 Up to the Plate Page 23 Rocket Town
Page 10 Shinra Headquarters Page 24 Gold Saucer Revisited
Page 11 Escape Page 25 Temple of the Ancients
Page 12 Kalm Page 26 Sleeping Forest
Page 13 Chocobo Farm Page 27 City of the Ancients
Page 14 Mythril Mine / Fort Condor

North Corel / Gold Saucer

When you enter some people will talk to Barret. You can buy weapons, Materia and items here although they're not very good and you need 3000 Gil to enter the Gold Saucer which is where you're going next. You can stay in the inn to the north. Go left to Ropeway Station. This will take you to the Gold Saucer. You will talk to your friends and learn more about Barret's past before boarding. When you get to the Gold Saucer you'll see a Save Point to the left but you can't use unless you have GP. Talk to the woman at the IN sign and pay 3000 Gil to enter. You'll talk to your team for a while. Talk to one person who you want in your team, you can only have one at this point. Go to the Wonder Square and you'll meet Cait Sith. watch him tell your fortune which goes completely wrong apart from the ladt reading. He'll then join your team. He has two Materia, Manipulate and Transform. Now go to the Battle Square and find the guard's been killed.

You'll talk to the woman behind the desk and some guards and Dio will show up and accuse you of killing everyone. You'll run inside the Battle Square and will be ambushed by some robots. Don't worry, you won't have to fight them. You'll be caught then chucked through the 'Gateway to Heaven' which lands you straight in jail. You'll find Barret and talk to him for a bit. Go through the gate.