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"The Keyblade is said to hold phenominal power. One legend says it's weilder saved the world while another says that he wrought chaos upon it. I must know what this keyblade is. A key opens doors..."

Though not officially confirmed by Square or Disney, creator Tetsuya Nomura has openly admitted to having a plot for Kingdom Hearts III in the works and is planning to create it. Though, he has stated that he is working on another title first. Much like Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts III's first look can be found in the secret trailer at the end of Kingdom Hearts II. The first look at the game shows some new, unknown characters and a whole lot of keyblades.

This form of teaser trailer was used in "Another Side, Another Story" and "Deep Dive". Two trailers secretly found in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix which hinted at Kingdom Hearts II and eventually, we learned that it was a teaser to the backstory of Kingdom Hearts II. I feel the same tactic is being used here, why else would Square put this random trailer at the end of the game?

This secret trailer can be found by completing certain tasks within the game. On the hardest difficulty, you just need to beat it. That's reward enough, apparently.

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