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Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts



When you have a Summon Gem, go see the Fairy Godmother inside the Mystical House and she will give you a Summon. To talk to her you have to Examine the small Pumpkin Carriage inside the Mystical House. Here is a table about all of the different types of Summons. Below the table there are explanation about all of the types of Summons that you can use and ways that you can use them in battle.

Final Product
Bright Shard x2, Blaze Shard x3
Blaze Shard x2, Frost Shard x2, Thunder Shard x2, Mythril Shard x4
Energy Bangle
Power Shard x2, Frost Shard x1
Power Chain
Spirit Shard x2, Power Shard x2
Guard Earring
Spirit Shard x2, Thunder Shard x1
Dark Ring
Lucid Shard x2, Bright Shard x1, Mythril Shard x2
Blaze Gem x1, Frost Gem x1, Thunder Gem x1, Mythril Shard x2
Spirit Shard x3, Spirit Gem x2, Mythril x3
Angel Bangle
Spirit Shard x3, Power Shard x3, Bright Gem x3
Magic Armlet
Blaze Shard x3, Frost Shard x3, Thunder Shard x3, Mythril x2
Golem Chain
Power Shard x3, Power Gem x1, Lucid Gem x1
Master Earring
Lucid Shard x3, Lucid Gem x2, Spirit Gem x2
Blaze Gem x3, Frost Gem x3, Thunder Gem x3, Bright Shard x5, Bright Crystal x1
Defense Up
Lucid Shard x5, Lucid Gem x3, Lucid Crystal X1, Mystery Goo x1
Gaia Bangle
Power Shard x5, Power Gem x3, Bright Crystal x1
Rune Armlet
Blaze Gem x2, Frost Gem x2, Thunder Gem x2, Mythril x3
Spirit Shard x3, Power Shard x3, Power Crystal x1
Three Stars
Blaze Shard x3, Frost Shard x3, Thunder Shard x3, Orichalcum x1, Shiny Crystal x1
Bright Shard x5, Bright Gem x3, Bright Crystal x1, Shiny Crystal x1, Gale x2
Power Up
Power Shard x5, Power Gem x3, Power Crystal x1, Mystery Goo x1, Orichalcum x2
Titan Chain
Spirit Shard x5, Spirit Gem x3, Lucid Crystal x1
Atlas Armlet
Shiny Crystal x2, Mystery Goo x1, Orichalcum x3, Gale x1
Crystal Crown
Lucid Crystal x3, Power Crystal x3, Shiny Crystal x3, Bright Crystal x3
Blaze Gem x5, Frost Gem x5, Thunder Gem x5 Bright Gem x5, Gale x3
Ultima Weapon
Lucid Gem x5, Power Gem x5, Thunder Gem x5, Mystery Goo x3, Gale x3


Monsters that Drop
Mythril Shard
Barrel Spider, Behemoth, Pot Spider
Angel Star, Behemoth
Blaze Shard
Red Nocturne, White Mushroom
Blaze Gem
Bandit, Fat Bandit, White Mushroom
Frost Shard
Blue Rhapsody, White Mushroom
Frost Gem
Sea Neon, Sheltering Zone, White Mushroom
Thunder Shard
White Mushroom, Yellow Opera
Thunder Gem
Aquatank, Screwdriver, White Mushroom
Lucid Shard
Shadow, White Mushroom
Lucid Gem
Gargoyle, White Mushroom, Wight Knight
Lucid Crystal
Spirit Shard
Large Body, Soldier, White Mushroom
Spirit Gem
Air Soldier, White Mushroom
Power Shard
Bouncywild, Powerwild, White Mushroom
Power Gem
Air Pirate, Battleship, Pirate, White Mushroom
Power Crystal
Shiny Crystal
Bright Shard
Green Requiem, White Mushroom
Bright Gem
Search Ghost, White Mushroom
Bright Crystal
Angel Star, Invisible
Mystery Goo
Black Fungus, Rare Truffle, White Mushroom
Behemoth, Invisible