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FFX Aeons


The word 'Aeon' is the name given to the summonable creatures within Final Fantasy 10. Many of these creatures are incarnations from previous games in the wonderful Final Fantasy series (some of the Aeons are returning from past games) such as Ifrit (fire), Shiva (ice), and Bahamut (dragon).

After Yuna has entered a templed and received the blessing of the fayth, the aeon may be summoned in battle. The summoner must pass through a Cloister of Trails to reach the Chamber of the Fayth. The aeon is summoned to perform devastating attacks against enemies, and its overdrive attacks are impressive to behold. You can shorten the aeon's entrance scene in the Configuation menu. By using the Short option, each aeon's full summon animation and full Overdrive attack are only shown once.

When Aeons are summoned in FFX, all other characters run off of the battlefield to make room for the Aeon and Yuna (Yuna cannot be attacked while the Aeon is out, however, nor can she do anything except recall the Aeon). The Aeon will remain out until its HP is depleted or he is recalled by Yuna (you get the choice to do this every turn). Aeons in this game level up and learn abilities differently than in previous FF games, but that's to be expected. In FFX, your Aeons learn new abilities by giving them items (such as Farplane Shadow x30 to teach them the 'Death' ability). There is a wide range of abilities available for each Aeon, and every ability can be learned by every Aeon regardless of element or type (Ifrit can learn Ice, Shiva can learn Fire, etc).


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